screen capture from TEMPO

Friday Inspiration, Vol. 262


A super-fun, short film bringing together drumming and running/scrambling in Boulder’s Flatirons, two things that Kyle Richardson excels at (OK, I guess that’s actually…

screen capture from superbloom

Friday Inspiration, Vol. 261


Simply three minutes of colorful outdoor fun here: (video) Christoph Niemann, using drawings on beverage napkins, details his love affair with coffee, starting at…

screen capture from Coree Woltering On His Ice Age Trail FKT and Diversity

Friday Inspiration, Vol. 250


Great 10-minute film of ultrarunner Coree Woltering’s attempt to break the Fastest Known Time on Wisconsin’s 1,200-mile Ice Age Trail (video) The only thing…

screen capture from Around the Block

Friday Inspiration, Vol. 243


Just an understated and wonderful two minutes of seeing Paris through the eyes of skateboarders (video) Slate’s Working podcast interviews Taffy Brodesser-Akner, who has…