Friday Inspiration 415

This is a super-interesting short film about Canada’s Rogers Pass, weaving together two women’s stories, history, some science, and some really beautiful visuals. (video)

screen capture from Arc'teryx Presents: The Pass

NOW OPEN TO THE PUBLIC: Registration for my 2024 trail running and writing workshop, July 16-21 in Whitefish, Montana. As of yesterday afternoon, we had just six spots remaining. You do not have to be fast (with our big group and leisurely, conversational pace, we average about 15-minute miles), and you do not have to be comfortable calling yourself a writer. But you do have to bring a 1200-word story to share with the rest of the workshop participants, and be prepared to laugh. The early bird price will be available through January 31, and then it will go up. All the info is here.

So much good stuff in this piece about aging by [recently-turned-50 bestselling author] Sarah Wilson, which I found myself nodding in agreement while reading, even though it’s arguably more geared toward women (but also has some interesting links about men’s social circles shrinking as they get older).

For whatever reason, The Algorithms put triple j’s Like A Version in my feed last week, and I went on a bit of a deep dive on a bunch of cover songs. I couldn’t believe I hadn’t heard/watched this video of Denzel Curry covering “Bulls On Parade,” and I just have to say, if you have/had any relationship with Rage Against The Machine, you will probably enjoy this flawless cover, as long as you’re in a place where you can turn the volume up to the level it deserves. (Bulls on Parade is No. 2 in the triple j’s Hottest 100 playlist, and No. 1 is DMA’s cover of Cher’s “Believe“, which I have to say, is also incredible, for completely different reasons)

Is this Contextual Calendar useful? I mean, in a way it kind of is. (thanks, Stephen)

I don’t know how I found the Threads account for Typetopia, but I’m enjoying the hell out of it whenever it pops up in my feed with another throwback bit of graphic design, including the original Snickers wrapper.

The more time I spend on Reddit, the more funny stuff pops up, including this photo of a sign, which is great, and also appears to be laminated, which I think makes it even better.

I regret to inform that by the time I discovered (via Kottke .org) that Burt’s Bees was making Hidden Valley Ranch lip balm, it was already sold out. And I do not want to buy it, but I’m definitely curious.

One more thing: If you have wondered what happened to the “Anything Can Be A Taco” t-shirts I used to sell in my shop, they’re back, as of this week.