screen capture from Sandrock Dreams

Friday Inspiration 357


A FINAL REMINDER FOR 2022: The Semi-Rad Shop will close for the holidays at midnight MST Friday, December 9th (TONIGHT!), so if you’ve procrastinated shopping…

screen capture from Tennis Ball on His Day Off

Friday Inspiration 354


Your regular Friday Inspiration content appears below, but, ahem, REAL QUICK: I made calendars for 2023. There are four of them. Perhaps you, or…

Friday Inspiration 351


Warning: There is some [cartoon] violence in this gloriously goofy film about birding (video) Every time someone puts out a call for Twitter users’…

screen capture from ARTofGRIND

Friday Inspiration 350


Here’s a beautifully shot short film by Dominic Gill, about riding bikes, and making bikes, and just, you know, all types of bikes. Bikes…

screen capture from Urban Oasis - a love letter to San Francisco

Friday Inspiration 348


Just a lovely 4-minute tour of the urban/wild interface of San Francisco, with no narration but fantastic audio of the footsteps of runners exploring…

screen capture from Best Of Kipchoge's Bottle Man, Claus-Henning Schulke at the 2022 Berlin WR Marathon

Friday Inspiration 347


Sure, you’re probably impressed by Eliud Kipchoge’s world record-breaking marathon—but what about the effort of the guy who hands him bottles throughout the race?…

screen capture from Trail Running With Kaytlyn Gerbin

Friday Inspiration 345


I am a big fan of scientist (and native Midwesterner) Kaytlyn Gerbin, who wasn’t sure trail running was for her at first, but then,…

screen capture from 12 Levels of Graffiti- Easy to Complex | WIRED

Friday Inspiration 333


“There are no rules. There is a foundation, but there are no rules.”  —Carlos Rodriguez (Mare139), breaking down graffiti in 12 levels of difficulty…