screen capture from 12 Levels of Graffiti- Easy to Complex | WIRED

Friday Inspiration 333


“There are no rules. There is a foundation, but there are no rules.”  —Carlos Rodriguez (Mare139), breaking down graffiti in 12 levels of difficulty…

screen capture from The DMV Song

Friday Inspiration 330


Don’t ask yourself, “Why would someone write a song about the DMV?” Ask yourself, “Doesn’t this song perfectly capture the DMV?” (video)   It…

screen capture from Jon Bernthal Gets Punished By Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

Friday Inspiration 329


A quote from actor Jon Bernthal, just before eating a buffalo wing coated in Bhutila Fire hot sauce, beginning his descent into extreme discomfort…

screen capture from How to Make Potatoes While Dread Presses In from Every Direction

Friday Inspiration 322


I don’t know if anyone besides John Green could make a 3.5-minute recipe video that’s this entertaining (video) I don’t know you, and I…

screen capture from Crush

Friday Inspiration 321


Me watching this 3-minute video: Oh this is cute. Very imaginative. Haha. Oh. Was not expecting it to go there. Very imaginative. Haha. (video)…

Screen capture from Weightless

Friday Inspiration 312


Hey, before you scroll down to the content in this third-to-last Friday Inspiration post of the year, two questions for you: Did you enjoy…

screen capture from Verizon :: Akbar

Friday Inspiration 310


“A candle doesn’t lose its flame by lighting other candles. I just want my babies to light other candles.” —Akbar Cook, Principal of West…

screen capture from In what time can Kilian Jornet run a Vertical Kilometer? | Salomon TV

Friday Inspiration 309


What’s funny about the timing of the release of this video of Kilian Jornet attempting to beat the world record in the vertical kilometer…