Friday Inspiration 413

At first I was wondering if this camera work was going to make me nauseous, but it actually turned out to be perfect: Tokyo Night Ride With Bike Messengers (video)

screen capture from Tokyo Night Ride With Bike Messengers


I can do no better than the current headline of this Guardian piece (thanks, Elle): The weird but true history of cereal – from anti-sex campaigns to mind control

OK this really is some interesting stuff: 52 things I learned in 2023 (And I feel like I just mentioned something about #49 to someone a couple weeks ago: “When women talk to each other, they face each other. But when men talk to each other, they stand at an average angle of 120 degrees. When men face each other while talking, it’s because they’re about to fight.”)(via

You ever see the New York Times headlines about people trying to buy real estate in the city, and you’re like, “I can’t be the only person wondering where they find these people, can I?” Because the headlines are always like, “They were looking for a two-bedroom under $25 million—would they find it?” Of course you aren’t the only person who’s baffled: Translation Of A New York Times’ Real Estate Article For Those Living Without A Trust Fund

If you want a class on how to write a joke, this is an A+ example of misdirection

The Jokes Phone is the work of a substitute teacher at nearby Lafayette elementary named Don Rutledge, whose house is across the sidewalk from the phone. Last year, he scored an old phone online—from a site called, no less—then spent six months gutting it and transforming it into a homemade humor dispenser.”

If you are looking for an exercise/fitness/spending time outside goal for 2024, and you’re into going uphill, my 100 Grand Strava club is happening again this year.