Friday Inspiration 412

I think it was that Netflix documentary about social media a few years back where they imagined the algorithm as three people standing in a room observing what a person looks at on social media, and they’re like, “Let’s show them a picture of a puppy,” “OK, that didn’t work, try showing them a political post,” et cetera. I imagine the same thing happening at YouTube and someone was like, “OK, Brendan just logged in—I bet you $100 he’ll watch a 13-minute video about the history of Dunkin’ Donuts.” And they were right. (video)

screen capture from How America Runs On Dunkin' Donuts


C.W. Moss, 36 years old, has designed his family’s Christmas card every year since he was 3 years old. I think my favorite might be the “Merry Christmas from the Christs” one. (Via

This is a fun way to look back on the year, even if I don’t know what a solid 25 percent of them mean—The 84 Sentences That Explain 2023

I try to have a good variety of links in this newsletter, but I discovered this one on The Ringer a few minutes after I found the 84 Sentences That Explain 2023 piece on The Ringer, and I love it, so here you go: The Definitive Ranking of Cars in Pop Culture

Wanna just look at some interesting architecture? OK, here’s a list of 8 Geometrical Wonders That Are Also Houses

I get the impression that this isn’t that new, but this image: Google Maps literally using a camel

I am a little behind on sharing this since he meant for it to help people during the holiday season, but this piece on Austin Kleon’s blog about finding a little time to do your creative practice, whatever it is, really hit home for me. (I mean, I barely had the time and space to read it last week!)