Friday Inspiration 433

My new book, Ultra-Something, is finally out, and I am very excited to share this 59-second book trailer I made to (sort of ) explain it (video)

thumbnail from Book Trailer for Ultra-Something


Speaking of books: I am quite excited for Kevin Fedarko’s new book, A Walk in the Park, about his 750-mile trek across the Grand Canyon. From this excerpt, it appears it will be a much, much different book than his other Grand Canyon book, The Emerald Mile.

Buc-ee’s in Sevierville, Tennessee, is the largest gas station in the world. Why wouldn’t you want to spend an entire weekend there? Oh, OK, you wouldn’t. But a couple guys did. I could not agree more with the commenter on this YouTube video who said “Pitt seems like the perfect person to take to Buc-ee’s,” because Pitt is the guy I invited to do the Buffet of Buffets in Las Vegas in 2015, and he’s very good at adventures, especially when they’re a bit weird.

I knew people (such as Rickey Gates) ran every street in their respective cities/towns, but until a couple weeks ago, I didn’t know there was a website to help you plan it. What is the Venn diagram overlap of people who like running (or walking), people who are map nerds, and people who read this newsletter? Well, here’s something for you. (thanks, Petje)

I present you a joke about how two different countries describe thinly-sliced potatoes that are cooked until they are crunchy

I had to watch this video a couple times before I saw the bus driver’s quick hand signal to the passing motorcyclist, which keeps this from being a very different kind of story. And I love the caption.

I love the headline on this story (and the story too): I became a man in the Alaskan wilderness – just not in the way you might think