Friday Inspiration 431

This film has so much going on in 16 minutes, including two heroes, joy, struggle, pain, laughter, camaraderie, scenery—the only thing I wish there was more of is: The singing. (thanks, Brendan) (video)

thumbnail from Canyon Chorus


You know, artists choose to work in different kinds of media—some artists use paint and canvas, some artists type on keyboards, some create … I don’t even know what to say, this is a cake, I guess, but it’s just incredible.

It’s actually really hard for me to not regularly share videos of Action Bronson eating and enjoying food and talking about how much he’s enjoying the food he’s eating. There’s something that’s just so pure and fun about the joy he gets out of it, which I can really relate to. If you can watch this video of him talking about bagels without wanting to eat one of those bagels, we’re just going to have to agree to disagree.

I told Jono I’d be happy to put his climbing sling bag Kickstarter in my Friday newsletter, as I am sure there’s a solid percentage of the people who read this newsletter who would be interested in a bag specifically designed to hold climbing shoes, a harness, chalk bag, and other essentials for the gym. And then the project almost instantly met and exceeded its Kickstarter goal, so he’s obviously onto something here.

I think I might be too old to get excited about last week’s back-and-forth between Drake and Kendrick Lamar, or maybe I just wish everyone would get along, or whatever, but I definitely appreciate what must have been dozens of hours of thought, debate and writing that went into this list of The Greatest Diss Tracks of All Time, Ranked, which explains, ahem, 81 songs.

I love Reductress headlines, and I love that one of the related posts suggested at the end of this story, titled “Woman Achieves Long-term Happiness Through Consistent, Lifelong Instant Gratification,” is titled “Woman Full.” Maybe because I used to write headlines for newspapers, and would have loved to run a story with a Reductress headline? I don’t know.

A bit of a story that I promise is going somewhere, but is probably only relevant if you find the sounds of a baseball game soothing in some way: When Hilary went into labor with our little guy a couple years ago, we went to the hospital, and since the contractions were pretty far apart still, we had lots of time in the hospital room. Our doula, Cerise, turned the lights down low, put some battery-powered votive candles around the room, and said we should put on some music if we felt like it. I hadn’t put together a playlist, and honestly, it seemed like a situation where the wrong song could come on at any time. Like what if Hilary was starting to have a contraction right when Motorhead’s Ace of Spades started? Or Black Sabbath’s Snowblind? (actually, that might have been perfect). So we decided to listen to YouTube videos of old Major League Baseball Game of the Week broadcasts from the 70s and 80s. And it was great. I just thought of that when I saw this post on about the Northwoods Baseball Sleep Radio podcast, which is essentially a fake baseball radio broadcast designed to help you relax. Which I think is fantastic. In the comments, someone pointed out that all these old radio broadcasts of real baseball games are on YouTube.

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