Friday Inspiration 438

I have no aspirations of riding a wheelie on any kind of motorcycle, but I gotta say it was pretty endearing to watch Van Neistat try to do it before he turned 50. (video)

thumbnail from Learning to WHEELIE at 49 Years Old


I love Anne Kadet’s Substack, and this recent piece, “How to Deal with People Who Talk and Talk and Talk and Talk and Talk,” was a really sympathetic, enlightening glimpse into the minds of people she refers to as “long talkers.”

Of course I’ll watch a video of someone playing Blue Monday on vintage Casio instruments!

This story is great, but the presentation of it as a sort of comic strip makes it way better (in my opinion): Birding my Way Through Chemo (gift link) (thanks, Cory)

This is hilarious, but: I really hope the dad in this video also baked the cake, or at least baked another cake after the video

Maybe I like this story about riding the same road bike climb over and over again because I do the exact same thing with trail running—sometimes I wonder why I don’t get tired of running up the same mountain dozens of times every year, but then I get to the top again, and I think, “Nah, I like it up here.”

If you read this newsletter, are you actively using Instagram anymore? I kind of wonder sometimes if people don’t see the stuff I post there because the Instagram feed has changed so much, or if people are just kind of not spending time on the app as much as they did five years ago. Anyway, this essay describes many of the same feelings I’ve been having about social media in general.

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