Friday Inspiration 417

The tagline for this is “a movie about discovering the power of the female cycle,” which is accurate, but does not mention all the incredible skiing + cinematography + editing that’s part of the film too (video)

screen capture from CYCLES FULL MOVIE


I have not read Colleen Hoover’s books, but every time I’m in an airport and I see a whole rack of them, (like seriously, a rack of all her romance books and ONLY books by Colleen Hoover) I do a little fist-pump, because I think her story she is proof that authors don’t necessarily need to go through traditional publishers to have massive success (i.e. having six books on the New York Times Bestseller list at the end of 2023). I am pretty sure I’ve linked to stories about her before in this newsletter, but here’s a quick Quartz piece with a bunch of stats about her and also the history of romance novels.

This is a super-fun feature story on the men who practice against some of college basketball’s best women’s players, a not-new phenomenon I was unaware of until I clicked the headline “The men who practice against Caitlin Clark can’t stop her either.

I finally read The Golden Compass last week, loaned to me by a friend, and couldn’t put it down. I guess I’m officially on a kick of reading female-protagonist young-adult fiction set in cold places, because I got an advance copy of Yi Shun Lai’s A Suffragist’s Guide to the Antarctic and am finding it very hard to stop reading. (You can pre-order now and hardcovers + ebooks ship on Feb. 13th).

From Rebecca Solnit’s “How to Comment On Social Media” for LitHub: 7) If you’re a man and that O.P. is a woman, her facts are feelings and your feelings are facts, and those forty-seven increasingly lengthy responses you fired off were clearly a rational reaction. If she reacted negatively to them, do not forget to rebuke her for being emotional.

This might be a little too in the weeds of “making money as a creative” for a lot of people, but this was a really great, funny, punchy list, and I love the title, “FUCK YOU, PAY ME #5: 19 WAYS TO MAKE MONEY AS A WRITER.” And it’s the fifth in a series! (here’s a link to the whole series)(via

From I’m Edgar Allan Poe’s Landlord, and He Will Not Be Getting His Security Deposit Back: “Quiet hours begin at 10 p.m., and, again, WE DO NOT ALLOW PETS. I do not care if you insist the ‘bird is not yours’! If it’s there every night—and it shouldn’t be—it’s yours!”