Friday Inspiration 434

You could probably call this a long commercial for Dramamine, but I prefer to think of it as an amazing use of marketing department budget. (video)

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Tomorrow is the last day to get a free ebook when you buy a copy of my new book, Ultra-Somethingdetails here.

I kind of thought this might be the case, but it’s nice to see that according to the data, the year America was at its absolute best, according to us, was … whatever year we were 11 years old.

I had a blast talking to Floris Gierman for his Extramilest podcast a couple weeks ago. I was trying to explain who he is to Hilary, and said that in addition to being an interesting and friendly guy, he a) made a video about tips for running World Marathon Majors, from selfie footage he shot while running a sub-3-hour London Marathon and b) published the podcast episode with me the week after his previous episode, which was an interview with Eliud Kipchoge, who is also known to run a pretty quick marathon now and then. If you’d like to listen to our interview, here are the links:


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I swear, if one more fucking person sends me this video about this guy talking to his daughter about the f-word … just kidding, it’s actually pretty fucking great, including the bits after the credits.

If I could get my shit together some year, I might do one of these “X Lessons for my Xth birthday,” but until then, I will both admire Mario Fraioli for putting this together, and enjoy the diversity of the bits of wisdom in his “42 Life Lessons For My 42nd Birthday” post.

I know Ted Gioia is all-in on Substack and self-publishing stuff, but every time he writes about the state of media and publishing, I find it to be insightful and interesting—including this piece that starts with a story about directors and actors teaming up to buy movie theaters.

If you missed getting a Periodic Table of the Elements of Adventure water bottle a while back, we ordered a handful of extras in case we needed them, and they’re in the shop right now (extremely limited quantity though).

I’m not personally saying I love Marmite, but I definitely love this essay about it: ”In my own family, Marmite has been a unifying force, gumming down friction between generations and in-laws; I’ve watched it bind my Kashmiri mum and her half-Madarasi brother-in-law as they swapped tips and tricks on the best shops to find the last available jar. Given that they’re two Pakistanis from families with no Marmite in their DNA, I’ve come to suspect that a relationship with Marmite is less about either instant hate or an “acquired” taste and more about how you’re introduced to it.”

My friend Josh gave me a hat from PATH Projects way back in 2019, and I don’t get excited about gear very often, but I loved that hat. It had plenty of mesh, held up through a bajillion washing machine washes, and just worked without making my head sweat during my hot summer runs. I met one of the company’s co-founders, Floris Gierman, in 2023 (yes, same Floris from the Extramilest podcast), and we started talking about doing a collaboration. We released a special limited edition hat last week, in conjunction with my new book, and I’m really happy with it (especially the “Semi-Rad Jogging Club” patch on the inside). If you’d like to see more photos of it and/or buy it, you can visit this link or click on the photo below. (PS: you can grab a copy of the book for only $10 on the PATH website—just scroll down on the hat page)

Ultra-Something PATH Projects hat