Friday Inspiration 427

BIG ANNOUNCEMENT: I have a new book called “Ultra-Something” coming out May 23rd, but I’m doing a sort of advance book tour April 17-May 8, in Arc’teryx stores in the following cities:

  • Seattle: April 17
  • Portland: April 18
  • Boulder: April 24
  • Washington DC: May 6
  • Chicago: May 8

If you’re in one of those cities, here’s a page with more info and RSVP links.

If you’re not in one of those cities, and you want info about the book, here’s the basic gist (and a link to get a one-time email when the book is available).

I would guess anyone who has ever done any creative work for clients will feel something when they watch this. (video)

thumbnail from Museum-Worthy


Look, I know bananas generally don’t come from the continental United States, yet I can buy them pretty much anywhere, but this article about the origins of food kind of blew my mind (ex. tomatoes aren’t native to Italy) (via

My friend Glen Van Peski’s book “take less. do more.” comes out next week, on April 16th, and having received an advance copy, I am pleased to report that it is a wonderful read. The connective tissue of the book is Glen’s obsession with ultralight backpacking and his founding of the company Gossamer Gear—which happened through outdoor adventures as he was working as a civil engineer, and being a dad and husband. It’s peppered throughout with life lessons Glen has learned in his six-plus decades, including stories from his most recent, post-retirement gig as a dishwasher at his favorite neighborhood bakery.

This is a great piece on how we deal with getting our stuff stolen (and I guess it’s part 1 of 2).

I can’t remember how I first heard about Khruangbin, but it was sometime around 2015, because I introduced my friend Forest to them, and a few weeks/months later he happened to be walking past a bar where they were playing, and went in and got me a signed copy of their debut album, The Universe Smiles Upon you, which I still treasure/battle to protect from Jay’s grubby little toddler hands. I never thought that much about them, besides, “I like this music a lot,” but then this New York Times story came out this week and helped me realize that wow, they are special.

This short clip about the movie The Abyss is:
a) crazy and
b) another reason to follow my friend Mike Sowden on Threads because that’s how I found it

If you need an antidote to all the doom and gloom about AI taking our jobs/ruining art/taking over the world and forcing us to work for robots, please enjoy this clip of a robot trying to make a drink for these guys who can’t stop laughing while making fun of how bad the whole thing is going (while they’re on the phone with customer service).