I believe in inertia

I Believe In Inertia


It happened again yesterday, like it always does, about three-quarters of the way through my run: I started to try to talk myself out…

I hate running

I Hate Running


I hate running, three to four times a week if I have time. I hated it yesterday for a little over an hour. I…

drawing of a foam roller with the words f*!#in jerk written on it

Dear Foam Roller:


Dear Foam Roller: I think— Oh, you thought I was just going to say “fuck you,” didn’t you? Well, hold on. It’s a little…

us vs us

Us vs. Us


Last Saturday morning, while most of us were asleep, Kilian Jornet and Jason Schlarb decided to run across the Hardrock 100 finish line holding…

ice age trail 50

The Ice Age Trail 50


I guess my theory about ultramarathons is that everyone who’s ever heard of them has two immediate questions: 1) Why the hell would you…