Screen capture from Weightless

Friday Inspiration 312


Hey, before you scroll down to the content in this third-to-last Friday Inspiration post of the year, two questions for you: Did you enjoy…

screen capture from Verizon :: Akbar

Friday Inspiration 310


“A candle doesn’t lose its flame by lighting other candles. I just want my babies to light other candles.” —Akbar Cook, Principal of West…

screen capture from In what time can Kilian Jornet run a Vertical Kilometer? | Salomon TV

Friday Inspiration 309


What’s funny about the timing of the release of this video of Kilian Jornet attempting to beat the world record in the vertical kilometer…

screen capture from All Jokes Aside

Friday Inspiration 307


“My name is Eeland Stribling. I’m a wildlife biologist and a stand-up comedian.” (video)   I feel very seen by this tweet about hotel…

screen capture from Hamilton Leithauser - The Bride's Dad & When The Truth Is

Friday Inspiration 304


It’s been a few years since I’ve watched a La Blogothèque video, but I somehow landed on this one of my favorite Hamilton Leithauser…

screen capture from How Caffeine Addiction Changed History (ft. Michael Pollan)

Friday Inspiration 302


“Caffeine seemed to be in violation of the laws of thermodynamics. Essentially, caffeine borrows energy from your future and gives it to you in…

screen capture from Every Sport a Bowling Ball

Friday Inspiration 300


This film is called “Every Sport a Bowling Ball,” and if you’re like me, you’ll start laughing as some of the sports are introduced,…

screen capture from Motherload

Friday Inspiration 296


This is such a well-paced, honest film illustrating the challenges and joy of single motherhood (video)   “One of the most gratifying sounds in…