Friday Inspiration 439

I actually didn’t know anything about this story until the YouTube algorithm presented it to me last week (although the whole thing is basically on Wikipedia): How a total disaster became the world’s best-selling piano album (video)

thumbnail from How a total disaster became the world's best-selling piano album

What’s funny about this is that the creators set out with the “singular focus” to “make the longest collaborative flipbook animation ever,” which is cool, but it kind of seems like they knew what might happen when they invited strangers to trace (or draw) a shape, and it ends up being somewhat of an exploration of that, and analyzing how many people might draw an “offensive image.” I actually enjoyed the video of the deep-dive conversation the team had afterward just as much as the article itself. (thanks, Anna)

I need just one line to recommend this great short essay on the negative voice inside your head: “I liked the idea of calling my inner critic K-Fuck Radio.”

I love Ross Gay’s books, and am currently making my way through The Book of (More) Delights. Anytime I find a piece of his writing that is online and free, I get excited to share it, because he’s just so good at enjoying a moment and then poetically putting you in that same moment with him. And this piece on hearing The Fugees’ The Score in a Pennsylvania coffee shop is exactly that.

This is probably one of my favorite Strava race reports ever, a total emotional roller coaster with some graphic imagery, so thanks, Jenny, for making that happen.

Well, even the creator calls it “the dumbest website of all time,” but I would argue that its existence is at least probably not ruining anyone’s day? Unlike lots of websites I can think of. (gift link)(thanks, Keith)

This video would probably hit a lot different if the trombone player’s mom didn’t clearly have a good sense of humor about the whole thing. Also, if you are someone who sings the “Wah wah wah wah” sad trombone riff when things go wrong, you’ll probably get this.