The Top 10 Semi-Rad Posts From 2016

Hilary Oliver looks out over the fjords and peaks near Reine, Norway, from the top of the Reinebringen.

No matter what you think of 2016, from “Wow, I’m glad it’s over soon,” to “It just flew by,” you can agree on one thing: that it’s over in a few days. I’m happy to report that this website survived another year, and hopefully you laughed and/or scratched your chin in semi-deep thought at one or two of the posts here at some point over the past year.

Here are the most popular Semi-Rad posts from 2016, if you missed any, would like to re-experience them, or are stuck in an office today and just need some reading material that takes your mind away from the office (don’t act like you’re getting any real work done this week). Thanks for reading!

1. Chart: Did You Have A Good Adventure?

2. 12 Ways To Make Friends At The Campground

3. 10 More Useful John Muir Quotes For Your Instagram Captions

4. Review: Water Bottle

5. 8 Tips For Healthier Eating

1. The Value Of Just Going

2. 5 Steps To Ordering A Perfect Coffee—Every Time

3. Remembering Kyle Dempster: Alpinist, Barista, Superhero, Regular Guy

4. F*&# Busy.

5. Love What You Do, Even If You Don’t ‘Do What You Love’


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