10 More Useful John Muir Quotes For Your Instagram Captions

We all know the classic John Muir quotes like “The mountains are calling and I must go,” and “The clearest way into the Universe is through a forest wilderness,” and how perfect they are underneath an Instagram photo of something scenic. Those are great and all, but everyone’s kind of gotten used to them. So maybe it’s time for a few new ones?

Here are a handful of new John Muir quotes that should be perfect for the IG:

muir quote 2
muir quote 1


muir quote 3

muir quote 4

muir quote 5a

muir quote 6

muir quote 7

muir quote 8

muir quote 9

muir quote 10


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8 replies on “10 More Useful John Muir Quotes For Your Instagram Captions”
  1. This just made my day , days should be started with a good laugh and the goal was accomplished. If you’re going to through up some kind of quote or phrase it is easy to use your own words. People want to connect with you not some phrase you found some quote website. The before and after photo though 🙂 well played.

  2. says: Patrick

    In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks, including sore feet, selfies, and potential sponsors (thanks dad!).

  3. says: Dakota Casserly

    Def got a chuckle, but, I’m not feeling the Muir and tech connection. Any Muir scholars out there that care to share how he might have felt about the evolution of tech and the outdoors? This post made me think of this.

  4. says: Taylor

    This is excellent. Laughing so hard and just perfecting timing. I just finished the Villarrica traverse the emoji one is so perfect.

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