Chart: Did You Have A Good Adventure?

did you have a good adventure


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22 replies on “Chart: Did You Have A Good Adventure?”
  1. says: Nic

    But my question is: Is it necessarily a bad adventure if you died? It’s gonna happen to all of us right? Does that mean life was a bad adventure since it’s inevitably gonna end with death? Love it though.

  2. A friend and partner in adventure struggles showed me this and we could both relate SO WELL! It kind of touches upon the entire concept of the different types of fun – in this case, this is a handy chart to determine if an adventure was of type 2 fun – ‘terrible’ when you do it, but awesome in retrospect because you did it…
    I think it’s mostly about learning from these experiences that makes them adventures. So, if you didn’t die, it means it was a good adventure because you learned a valuable lesson from it! Something to never forget.

  3. says: Jim McDonel

    I have shared this on a group for Boy Scout Leaders. They are loving it! It perfectly distills the method of Scouting. Congratulations

  4. Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant.
    My wife and I are joking about this all the time now… “But did you die…?” 🙂
    I will buy the t-shirt too.

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  6. says: Janice Kessler

    I really want to make just one copy of this, printed on fancy waterproof paper, to put up at the end of group hike. Seriously, may I have permission?

  7. says: Janet

    i want the shirt, too…can I print some for a local hiking group? Not to sell; just for 12 of us to wear on our adventures!

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