Magazines Have Some Questions About Your Workout

Of course you want to look good. We all do. But before you throw yourself headlong into a new workout routine, magazines would like to ask you some questions—just to make sure you know what the hell you’re doing out there. I scanned the recent pages, websites, and social media accounts of widely-read publications to bring you the best of those questions:

Want to take your squat to a whole new level?
Want to carve out an athlete’s body?
Want to get the most out of your workout?

Can a midnight snack stifle muscle growth?
Can breathing “incorrectly” cause a running injury?
Can exercise replace medication?
Can you do Pilates if you’re not flexible?
Can hot yoga hurt you?
Can you do Kelly Rowland’s favorite abs exercise?
Can you do THIS with a medicine ball?

Tired of a crowded gym?
Can’t make it to the gym?
Too lazy to hit the gym?
Limited time in the gym?
Is it ever a good idea to hit on a girl at the gym?
Who needs a gym?

Are you reinventing your workout?
Looking to mix things up?
Need something new to do in the gym this evening?
Want to throw something different into your routine?
Need a new exercise routine?
Need to shake up your workout routine?
Ever wonder why your workout isn’t working?

Too busy to work out?

Which should you do first: cardio or strength training?
What’s best for weight loss: cardio or strength training?
What’s the best way to mix cardio and lifting to attack fat?

Trying to lose weight?
Want to lose 10 pounds?
Need to slim down in a pinch?
Dying to shed those last stubborn pounds?
Should you ignore the scale to lose weight?
How much weight can you REALLY lose in one week?
When should you start seeing weight-loss results?
Could losing weight compromise your love life?
Can selfies help you lose weight?

What are the best exercises for fat loss?
Want to burn fat quicker?
How can you burn more fat?
Want to continue burning fat 24-48 hours AFTER you’ve finished working out?
Are you ready to chop your body-fat percentage in half?

Can your biceps handle THIS heat?

Should you take pre-workout supplements?
Not into the pre-workout supplements?
When do you need more protein?
How much protein do you really need after a workout?
How much daily protein does the average person need when not trying to build muscle?
Do you really need to eat protein after your workout?
Is it smart to take protein powder if you’re trying to lose weight?
Do you drink a protein shake after a hard workout?
Protein bars are good, right?

Stuck on a treadmill?

Is CrossFit killing us?Would you bang out 30 squats for a free ride on the subway?

Who wants better abs?!
Want to upgrade your abs routine?
Do your perfect abs end right at your bellybutton?
How often should you train abs?

Ever wonder how volleyball players get such a perky booty?

Want to start running?
Do you run?
Love running?
How much do running shoes actually matter?

Want to look better naked?
Hate your hips and thighs?
So you want to tone your thighs, do you?

Is it truly possible to be healthy at any size?
Is your core as strong as it should be?
Is there a real benefit to suspension trainers?
Is this the cutest workout partner EVER?
Is it OK to work out after one drink?
Is there a super secret to fitness success?

How many calories do you burn during sex?

Hate working out?


[Photo by Christopher Chapman/Wikimedia Commons]

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