1. Tell them Stacy! Although I’d probably open with how great she climbs 🙂 That being said, the chart was super funny lol

    2. It is meant as sarcasm, because these guys are an all too common presence in the climbing gym and are hilarious/irritating. These dudes are to climbing gyms what peacocks (puffed up buff bros) are to LA Fitness 🙂

  1. Very funny. Saw this on FB and thought “here we go”. Would like to suggest an initial step: “Are you at the here to climb?” If “yes”, arrow to box titled “whatever, climb”. If “no” arrow to “Is she looking at you?”

    1. That would piss me off sooooo bad.
      Seriously, I’ve probably been climbing for longer than he has, if some guy came up to tell me, ME, how to climb my route, I’d tell the sexist jerk to piss off.

  2. Never try to be a better climber than me.
    It makes me extremely competitive.
    If you’re at he same level as me, you’re more than welcome to challenge me to a competition and that would probably get you a date if I was interested in you, but I don’t get impressed, I get competitive.

    1. …obviously. this chart is intended to make fun of the young males that think along the lines in the diagram

  3. My own personal flow chart:

    Is there a cute guy at the climbing gym? –> Yes –> Is he gay? –> No –> Damn.

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