New: Pre-Stickered Water Bottles, $29.99

Staying hydrated is important. Perhaps equally important is subtly communicating your identity by decorating your favorite water bottle with the proper stickers to project your outdoorsy/adventurous identity. Here at, we want to make it easy for you.

For just $29.99 (or just three easy low monthly payments of $9.991/3), we’re now offering pre-stickered CamelBak Eddy 1-liter water bottles to match the identity you’d like to project when you casually place your water bottle on a table at a coffee shop, college classroom desk, or any other public place where people you might possibly want to impress congregate.

Choose a selection of 5 to 10 stickers from:

  1. Gear and apparel brands appropriate to the sport you would like let others know you are at least somewhat passionate about: rock climbing, mountain biking, road biking, skiing (frontcountry OR backcountry), kayaking, hiking, surfing, stand-up paddling, and yoga.
  2. Coffee shops and bars located in rad adventure towns like Aspen, Moab, Bishop, New Paltz, North Conway, Asheville, Flagstaff, Crested Butte, Bozeman, and more.
  3. Independent gear shops and bike shops from the rad adventure town of your choice.
  4. National Parks
  5. Ski resorts
  6. Web sites and magazines such as,, or,, and more, including

Don’t have much time to take your bottle out in the wilderness? Additional “Legitimacy Scratches and Dings” are available for just $5 per bottle.


  • Pre-stickered rocket boxes — $200 per rocket box for a custom selection of 100+ stickers
  • Pre-stickered travel mugs — $19.99 for 12-ounce mug, $24.99 for 20-ounce mug
  • On-site sticker delivery and application to your car — [call for custom rates]


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15 replies on “New: Pre-Stickered Water Bottles, $29.99”
  1. says: Pete

    Too funny! Love the “legitimacy scratches”…

    I usually do use a sticker or two on my bottles just to personalize them – I’ve “lost” a few only to find them later thanks to the sticker. Lost one for 5 months once and then busted my daughter…

  2. says: Wade


    I am considering the surf option for my water bottle, but notice all the rad adventure towns for my coffee shop/sport specific shop stickers seem to be in the mountains. Are there any surf town choices? Having never been surfing, or to the ocean, I cannot provide any suggestions of cool surf towns for you, but maybe somewhere in California? Thanks!

  3. says: Amy

    OMG! Any chance I can get a sticker that says “Epic” for my CamelBak eddy? BAAHAAAAHHHAAA!!!!!

  4. Man, you beat me to this post (sorta). I was going to publicly theorize that the more “Alaska” stickers one has on their rocket box or water bottle (or the number of times “Alaska” appears in one’s Twitter handle or blog title), the less likely it is that that person is actually from Alaska. I wonder if that theory holds true with other states and/or towns…

    1. says: Ben

      Yes, yes it does. With the exception of Texas which will forever be obnoxiously celebrated by its inhabitants.

  5. says: Tim

    How much for applying “legitimacy scratches and dings” to the Subaru? What about a spray-on can of road grime? Instant lived-in car interior? This could be a whole new business opportunity. (

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