#Postbark: 365 Postcards, 365 Days

Chris Barker has developed an interesting ritual in 2014: Every day since Jan. 1, he has addressed one of his collection of vintage postcards, found a new backdrop, and taken a photo of the postcard before dropping it into the mail. Today is ...

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hierarchy featured

The Hierarchy Of Camping

Ever pull up next to someone at a campground and notice they brought way more stuff than you did? Or get to a campsite after hiking nine or ten miles and look over to see your friend pulling all kinds of superfluous crap ...

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chris davenport

Happiness: It’s The Little Things

This past January at a film festival, I got to chat briefly with big-mountain skier Chris Davenport. He’s a big deal (among other things, he’s skied the Lhotse Face on Everest, Denali, all 54 Colorado 14ers in one year, first descents all over ...

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grooming man

The Man’s Guide to Being A ‘Real Man’

You probably read a few news stories over the past couple weeks about the rising popularity of beard implants, specifically the $3,000 to $8,000 ones offered by a plastic surgeon in midtown Manhattan. If you missed it, here’s a link to one story, ...

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Ouch Maps: Let People Know Where You Hurt

Ever had a co-worker give you a well-meaning slap on the back right where you got sunburned the day before? Or your spouse put their arm around you and unknowingly squeeze right on your huge bruise from last weekend’s bike crash? Don’t you ...

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The Not-So-Bad Bad Day

Rob at Green Garage in Denver understands the art of telling someone how expensive their car repair is going to be: You can’t deliver the news with the same gravitas that you would telling someone they have a terminal illness. “You ready, man?” ...

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chris 4

The Guy Who Puts The Fun Back In Fun

I jogged in my bike shoes with the couple hundred other riders down the dirt road to the start of the 24 Hours In The Old Pueblo, wondering why I’d volunteered to ride the first lap for my team: I still have a ...

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20 inch wheels

Announcing A Revolutionary New MTB Wheel Size

THIS SUMMER. A REVOLUTIONARY NEW MOUNTAIN BIKE WHEEL SIZE. WILL TAKE THE WORLD BY STORM. please pause reading here for dramatic effect TWENTY INCHES. That’s right. It wasn’t long ago that you skeptically eyed 29-inch wheels, thinking, “How could it make that much ...

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