Introducing The First Backpacking Dutch Oven

Remember your last backpacking trip? What was missing? Come on, think about it. That’s right, a shitload of pineapple upside-down cake. The whole trip was kind of just … alright, wasn’t it?

Will you make that mistake again? Hell no you won’t, if you take along the new #CampVibes Dutch Oven, the first dutch oven designed for backpacking trips. You won’t find yourself enjoying a sunset with your special person, feeling a slight tinge of sadness, until one of you finally says, “This little trek has been great, hon, but think of how much more fun it would have been with five quarts of Chocolate Lava Cake?”

Fact: Dutch ovens are hella more photogenic than any backpacking stove—which, when you think about it, don’t really offer much besides their extremely light weight, packability, and efficient cooking. If your Instagram followers don’t go camping that often, they may not even recognize what a backpacking stove is when you post a photo of yours. And then what, really, is the point of going camping at all?

You won’t miss a single photo opportunity with the #CampVibes Dutch Oven. Weighing only 14 pounds, the #CampVibes Dutch Oven is almost 175 pounds lighter than a real oven, and at less than a tenth the size, it’s way more packable. When you’re dividing up the gear for your weekend trip, packing the #CampVibes Dutch Oven is easy. Just say, “OK Frank [or whatever your friend’s name is, unless your friend’s name is Frank, in which case you should just say “Frank”], I’ll take the tent stakes, and you can take the Dutch Oven.” And, voila! Off you go, scampering down the trail to another blissful weekend in the wilderness.

The #CampVibes Dutch Oven straps easily to the outside of any backpack for quick access. Simply build a fire, wait a half hour for coals to form, assemble your ingredients, put the Dutch Oven on the hot coals, maneuver some of the hot coals to the top of the Dutch Oven, and 30 minutes to an hour later, you’ll have a piping hot cauldron of cornbread, peach cobbler, or biscuits to enjoy while you argue about who has to clean the #CampVibes Dutch Oven before you turn in for the night.

Only $299.99 wherever other ultralight backpacking gear is sold.