Announcing A New Book: Sixty Meters to Anywhere

sixty meters to anywhere book

Today, I’m excited to announce a new book that I’ve been writing for almost a decade and a half, and working on with the folks at Mountaineers Books for the past year. It’s called Sixty Meters to Anywhere, and it’s available now at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Mountaineers Books, and lots of bookstores. I hope you like it.

To promote the book, I’ll be speaking at venues around the U.S. and Canada for the rest of 2016—the current schedule is here. If your town is on it, I hope to see you there. If your town is not on the schedule and you’d like it to be, please email me at brendanpleonard[at]gmail[dot]com and I’ll figure out how to get there.


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17 replies on “Announcing A New Book: Sixty Meters to Anywhere”
  1. says: Mtnlee

    I can’t say enough good things about this book. Honest, insightful, ballsy writing; exactly what we have come to expect from Brendan. He delivers, as usual, with humor and intelligence. Good one Brendan!

  2. says: David

    Will it be at Maria’s in DGO? It’ll give me just the excuse I need to drive there and stop at Steaming Bean.

  3. says: matt cr

    psyched! come to the bay area, or reno, or anywhere within a couple hour drive of either (there are plenty of rad places near both)? congrats brendan, looking forward to this!

  4. says: josh

    Just picked it up on kindle. Stoked to devour it as fast as your last book. Thanks for sharing your stories with the world!

  5. says: Pete w.

    Looking forward to reading. I’m hoping they’ll be some east coast dates added. Best of luck with the tour.

  6. says: CHetrick

    Some times in life you here a song and you swear that the artist knows you because the music embodies how you are feeling and you wish that you could thank that person for making you feel less alone in the world. Its as if this person that doesn’t even know me “gets it”. This is what this book means to me. I hope that some day when your passing through Iowa I might meet you and thank you in person but for now Thank You Brendan!

  7. says: Jill

    I just finished reading your book Brendan – I loved every page! Thank you for sharing your extraordinary journey of your extraordinary semi-rad life.

  8. says: nathan

    With the looks of your tour october out east in NC you could try to link it with rocktoberfest in the red and bridge day in the new.

  9. says: ben m

    What a great book. I’d put it up there with a couple other superb books about how to make the grueling transition away from an addicted life, such as Lit (Mary Carr) or Wild (Cheryl Strayed). Thanks for writing it.

  10. says: Susan Poage

    Picked it up in Telluride a couple of days ago. Picked it up and couldnt stop. Great book. Proud of you for you sobriety. Thanks for sharing your life. Hope people that read it “get it” !!!!!!!

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