5 Outdoor-ish Instagram Accounts You Should Follow If You Like To Laugh

Why: You enjoy pure poetry written in all caps, often about bicycles.


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Hall of Meat
Why: You enjoy cringe-laughing at short videos of skateboard crashes (curated by Thrasher Magazine). You have a strong stomach.

This is light on the Meat but heavy on the Jedi Ninja Knight shit. Vid from @jan_my_man

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You Did Not Sleep There

Why: You recognize the ridiculousness of the contest to find the most Instagram-worthy campsites on the planet, especially when the campsites are completely non-functional.

Mondays at this office: ??. #caseofthemondays #youdidnotsleepthere • photo @hendisyahputra

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Emergency exits only. #youdidnotsleepthere • photo @travisburkephotography

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Why: You like cringe-laughing, but don’t have the stomach for graphic skateboard crashes. But surfing wipeouts are just as satisfying, without the mangled limbs at the end.

The realest weekend vibes. #howstheribs #kneeskim4lyfe #comininhottttt #hegone ?: @surfnbike

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Jerry of The Day

Why: You believe you need more gapers in your life.

Too good for theaters, straight to VHS #whateverittakes #footyfortheboys

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Do you even gape bro?

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  • Haha, now I know why these guys show up in my ‘search’ feed (or whatever that browse thing is…). I always appreciate these posts, so thanks Brendan!

  • KookSlams (and Kook of the Day) have always been a fave but I’m thinking I’ll have to add “youdidnotsleepthere” to my list!

    BRB procrastinating on instagram for the next few hours.

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