Ouch Maps: Let People Know Where You Hurt

Ever had a co-worker give you a well-meaning slap on the back right where you got sunburned the day before? Or your spouse put their arm around you and unknowingly squeeze right on your huge bruise from last weekend’s bike crash? Don’t you think it would be great if we could stop this madness?

Me too. That’s why I created Ouch Maps on Tuesday. Ouch Maps are more than just a hastily-drawn pen sketch made on a moving train. Ouch Maps help communicate to loved ones, kids, co-workers and friends exactly where you hurt. It’s easy. Simply:

  1. Print off the below template
  2. Fill in the blank with body parts you don’t want anyone to touch
  3. use a red pen or crayon to illustrate the location of where you hurt
  4. Hang it on your kitchen refrigerator, office door, or cubicle wall, to let everyone know

Scroll down for some examples of how to use Ouch Maps.







Bicycle Crash:




Bouldering and/or Sport Climbing:




Crack Climbing, Finger/Hand/Fist Cracks:




Crack Climbing, Offwidth:




Snowboarding, Beginner:












Diarrhea, Wilderness-Acquired or Traveler’s:




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15 replies on “Ouch Maps: Let People Know Where You Hurt”
  1. says: Teresa

    Brilliant. And just in time for bike and climb season to get underway too!!! Perhaps you could make a t-shirt of the blank and sell it with red circles of various sizes. Wherever bikers/climbers/skiers/etc hurt that day, all they have to do is pin the circle on the map on their t-shirt shirt and BOOM. Walking warning to all not to slap ’em on the butt or shoulder or wherever.

  2. says: Adam M.

    Not sure if you’ll believe me but forms similar to these are actually filled out by patients in the health care system such as in hospitals. But carrying out the idea in day-to-day life would be revolutionary… I should probably wear mine pinned to my chest for my wife who always seems to find my painful spots immediately upon sitting on the same couch.

  3. says: Natalie

    I see a lot of potential for abuse here. If I ask my friends not to slap my back because of my sunburn, the likelihood that they will tends to increase exponentially…

  4. says: The Girl

    Haha! “Don’t touch my pride today.” I need a t-shirt with that on it to wear every time I ski crust. That or, “Don’t touch my fragile belief in my own abilities.” :p

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