Help Me Help You Spell Mountain Hardwear



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  1. says: Steve

    Amen brother! Interested to see what happens to that brand, since they were recently purchases by Columbia…

  2. says: Greg Pfeil

    Granted, product reviewers should know better, but you’re breaking one of the rules of company naming: when people hear the name, the spelling should be obvious, and when they see the name, the pronunciation should be obvious.

    Rules are made to be broken, but there are consequences to be dealt with when you do.

  3. says: Jill

    I looked at this post at least ten times over the last two days (36+ hours of traveling including 10 hours of airport appreciation time; lots of need for small amusements) and it never failed to make me laugh.

    “Mountain Hardware” NO

    It got me every time.

  4. says: Vinny

    I love Mountain Hardware in Truckee. I’ve bought a lot of windshield de-icer and snow shovels there over the years.

    Though it’s not the kind of place I would recommend walking into and saying “I’d like some hard wear please”

  5. says: mark

    Mountain Hardwear suffering grammatical errors somewhat like Quiksilver being misspelled 35+ years ago…..up until the present.

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