5 Steps to More Fun in Your Outdoor Photos

Remember that time you took that photo of you and your friend(s) standing on the summit of something and it was the most exciting photo ever? Of course you don’t. Look through your outdoor photo collection. Do you have 100 photos of the same thing, of you and various friends standing in front of various awesome landforms? If so, it might be time for some fresh ideas. Here are a few tips to put a little more fun in your photography.


1. Don’t be afraid to interact with your surroundings


2. Add a little flair to normally mundane tasks, such as throwing rappel ropes:

(photo by Tommy Riley)


3. Jump:

(photo by Teresa Bruffey)


4. Ask your subjects to be creative — such as, “Hey, would you mind building the smallest cairn in the world, Nick?”


5. Finally, remember, no one is too old to laugh at a dick joke:




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