Get Ready For Ski Season With The Most Expensive Ski Package Ever: $125,561

Snow is falling in the high country. Be honest. Can you really afford to start this year’s ski season with anything but the best? The best costs money. But it’s worth it. Outfit yourself with all this hella expensive ski gear that I Googled for you — only $125,561.00, plus probably some shipping fees and a little sales tax:

Skis: Carradan Mamba, $19,000

Boots: Apex High Performance Alpine Ski Boot, $1,495

Bindings: Rossignol FKS 180 L, $475

Poles: Leki Vision Venom SL, $240

Jacket: Bogner Ever Parka, $2,199

Sweater: Dale of Norway Storetind Sweater, $578

Pants: Bogner Flint Camo Warm-Up, $999

Gloves: Arc’Teryx Alpha SV Glove, $275

Helmet: POC Receptor Backcountry, $250

Great Canadian Heli-Skiing Platinum Pass, $100,000

Pimp cup: Don Juan Style Black Glass Pimp Cup, $50


7 replies on “Get Ready For Ski Season With The Most Expensive Ski Package Ever: $125,561

  • Will

    Say what you will, but getting a vintage 80s or 90s Bogner ski suit at a thrift store for $100 was one of the great unmet goals of my time living in Denver. I think the life-cycle for a Bogner ski garment goes something like this:

    1) Manufactured in Austria in the most labor intensive manner possible, complete with white tiger embroidery over American Indian patterned fabric.

    2) Put on a manequin for display in shop window in Vail village, Beaver Creek or Aspen

    3) Purchased for retail price of $4,000 each as a pair by nouveau riche tech billionaire or oilman for self and trophy wife or girlfriend.

    4) Worn 3 to 5 times in first season of ownership, stored in closet of newly acquired mountain home

    5) Mountain home is foreclosed upon the following season, and eventually sold at auction including contents

    6) The now several year old ski suits are sold at yard sale or make their way to a thrift store

    7)Poor 20-something procures ski suit to be ironic on opening day at A-basin

    May the circle be unbroken…

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