Friday Inspiration 385

If you’ve ever watched Action Bronson’s “Fuck That’s Delicious” videos, maybe you’re familiar with the particular joy of watching a guy who loves food (and worked as a chef for many years) and loves describing it as he tours some of New York’s best restaurants. This one is a bit different, and I think really fun because of that. It’s shot in an apartment in Bushwick, where Chris Hansell started his Chrissy’s Pizza business, and still operated the business as of the time of the shooting of the video—you order a pizza, he bakes it in the oven in his kitchen, and he meets you at the front of the building with your boxed-up pizza. (He has since started a brick-and-mortar operation on the Lower East Side). I thought it was particularly funny how much they made of the brand of the oven in the apartment—it’s an Amana, which is pretty common if you live anywhere in the Midwest, but it’s definitely an exotic “off-brand” to these two native New Yorkers. (video)

screen capture from The Birth Of Pizza Greatness With Action Bronson



My Make It book is now on sale in paperback and ebook formats—I put all the links on this page, and if you are looking for a sequence of written words to help you finally get started writing or making something else creative, one of the 50 micro-essays in this book will probably do it. A couple of illustrations from the book:

MAKE IT illustrations

Maybe you’ve seen the classic photo of a Ford Pinto (with a motorcycle attached to the back bumper) in front of an erupting Mt. St. Helens? Here’s a bit of the story behind it. Definitely not the only Ford Pinto to burst into flames, but wow, that was close.

I can’t believe I hadn’t seen Sketchplanations before last week, but these are just wonderful. I’m sure everyone has their favorites, but The Tomato Test and Attribution Bias are a couple of mine.

I love Sesame Street and I love Vans, and I don’t know if I’m actually in the market for a pair of Cookie Monster Old Skools, but this Vans x Sesame Street collaboration is fun to look at. (there’s no link in the story to the whole collection, but here it is: )

The folks from Huckberry did a bunch of posts about Father’s Day, and they asked me a few questions, even though I am a Father’s Day rookie with less than a year of parenting under my belt. So I got to weigh in on Wellness For Dads and How to Have the Ultimate Dad Adventure. They did another piece about style, and I was not asked to be in that one, which I think is entirely appropriate.

This was an extremely long read about legendary Duke men’s basketball coach Mike Krzyzewski, and I read it over several short stints last week. I haven’t really followed college basketball very closely for years, and I wouldn’t say I was ever a Duke fan, but there’s something really compelling about a writer going deep into the background of the life of someone who’s had the same job for 40-plus years, and built their entire life around that job.

I read this whole interview with Perfume Genius, and it was great, but I really think Jason Kottke clipped out the best quotes here—especially the one about beating so many people if you make a finished creative thing.

Oh, and: These hoodies are back: