Make It: 50 Myths and Truths About Creating

Make It - 50 Myths and Truths About Creating book by Brendan Leonard


Nobody gets tapped with a magic wand and suddenly has the ability to make great music, photos, films, writing, or any other kind of creative expression—they just try. And you probably should too.

“OK,” you say. “But what about ________ ?”

That’s exactly what’s in MAKE IT: answers to all the reasons we give ourselves to not sit down and start working on our Real Art Thing. If you could use a polite but firm kick in the ass to get going, or just some reassurance that you’re not the only would-be creative with a slight to moderate crisis of confidence, this book is for you: 50 illustrated micro-essays to get you through roadblocks at the beginning, middle, or end of your project, and onto the next one.

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