Friday Inspiration, Vol. 263

screen capture from soul deep

Wow, this is a fun and thoughtful film about the nonprofit climbing gym Memphis Rox and photojournalist Malik Martin (video)

I am in awe of the presentation of this Washington Post Holiday Cookie Generator

This Tumblr post about trying to create things and not necessarily become “good” at them made my week (the part below the Kurt Vonnegut photo)

I am not on TikTok but Nick Cho, @YourKoreanDad, kinda makes me want to be

I feel like I’ve been putting an oral history of some sort in every week’s Friday Inspiration, but they just keep appearing. Some algorithm probably put this one (from 2014) about Christmas Vacation in my feed this week, but it’s fun.

An aerial photo of Manhattan circa 1931

This is the best cartoon I saw on Instagram this week

Also: the Semi-Rad Shop will be closing for the holidays at 11 p.m. MST on Saturday, December 5th. It will re-open again on December 26th. Until Saturday at 11 p.m., you can visit the shop here.

Some new items in the shop and some not new but popular items (links to products appear below images):

[SHOP Work Vs. Skiing Unisex T-shirt]
[SHOP Work Vs. Skiing Mug]

I love audiobooks t-shirt and mug

[SHOP I Love Audiobooks Unisex T-shirt]
[SHOP I Love Audiobooks Women’s Fit T-shirt]
[SHOP I Love Audiobooks Mug]

thank you for not f-ing up the planet and thank you for not f-ing up the ocean shopping bags
[SHOP Thank You For Not F-ing Up The Planet Reusable Tote Bag]
[SHOP Thank You For Not F-ing Up The Ocean Reusable Tote Bag]

periodic table of elements of eadventure poster
[SHOP Periodic Table Of The Elements Of Adventure Poster]

practice maximum enthusiasm shirts and ask me about free high fives shirt
[SHOP Practice Maximum Enthusiasm Unisex Sweatshirt]
[SHOP Practice Maximum Enthusiasm Unisex T-shirt]
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signed books
[SHOP Signed Book — Bears Don’t Care About Your Problems]
[SHOP Signed Book — Sixty Meters To Anywhere]
[SHOP Signed Book — Chart Imitates Life]
Anything Can Be A Taco t-shirt
[SHOP Anything Can Be A Taco Unisex T-shirt]

I Hate (Love) Running T-shirt, Mug, and Hat
[SHOP I Hate (Love) Running Unisex T-shirt]
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[SHOP I Hate (Love) Running Performance Running Hat]
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Did You Have A Good Adventure? Poster and Your Dog's Calendar poster

[SHOP Did You Have A Good Adventure Poster]
[SHOP Your Dog’s Calendar Poster]

mountains are calling lobster t-shirt, mountaineering t-shirt, sending shirt
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