25 Things Said That Might Mean You’re Going To Have An Epic*

Chances Of An Epic chart

*epic meaning a very long day, not like a we’re-gonna-die epic

  1. “You’ll be fine.”
  2. “I’m pretty sure it’s this way.”
  3. “We don’t need a map.”
  4. “I know where I’m going.”
  5. “Seems to be a bit further than I thought.”
  6. “There’s a bit of bushwhacking.”
  7. “The guidebook said to go up the ‘obvious gully.’”
  8. “We don’t need rain gear—it’s not supposed to rain until later.”
  9. “Hope you’re OK with a little breakable crust.”
  10. “I have an excellent natural sense of direction.”
  11. “I don’t remember it being this overgrown.”
  12. “Hopefully it’s just this short section of postholing.”
  13. “For some reason, I thought it didn’t get dark until later.”
  14. “No, I’m pretty sure I heard you say back at the car that you packed the tent poles.”
  15. “Those are not storm clouds. Those are just big, tall, puffy clouds.”
  16. “That’s what I forgot to buy—batteries for this headlamp.”
  17. “I’m 90 percent sure we go left here.”
  18. “So I looked through my whole pack, and it turns out I only brought one climbing shoe.”
  19. “Wow, these dehydrated meals have a lot of fiber in them. Like a lot a lot.”
  20. “It says to look for ‘a faint climbers’ trail.’”
  21. “Wow, I guess it really is true that when you’re lost, you walk in circles.”
  22. “I dropped the rack.”
  23. “The good news is, we will still have 15 meters of rope left.”
  24. “How many times do I have to tell you, we’re not lost.”
  25. “I thought it was just going to be a fart.”



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