Now Available: These Things I Made For You

I’ve been having fun drawing diagrams and cartoons for Instagram lately, because some jokes (and sentiments) work better in a visual form. Over the past few weeks, I’ve put some of the designs on art prints, t-shirts, hoodies, tank tops, tote bags, and other various apparel items.

All these items are available at my Threadless store, which is live at as of today. There are eight designs right now, including the one I’m most excited about, GIVE A SHIT AND MAKE ART—which I think is particularly poignant right now when many of us are giving a shit and remembering we have a voice.

The folks at Threadless say we’ll be able to put designs on coffee mugs, notebooks and iPhone cases soon, but not quite yet, so stay tuned for that (because you might know someone who could use a “Spin the Monday Wheel” coffee mug). I’ll periodically add new designs to this shop throughout the year as well, and I’ll post new items on my Instagram account as they become available.

The classic Semi-Rad t-shirts and stickers will still be available, as always, via

I’ll be back with a real blog post next Thursday—thanks!