Friday Inspiration, Vol. 48

Paul’s Boots is live!

“While antisocial personality traits do play a role, what really influences trolling behaviour is the social pleasure derived from knowing that others are annoyed by it. The more negative social impact the troll has, the more their behaviour is reinforced.”
—Evita March, ‘Don’t feed the trolls’ really is good online advice?—here’s the evidence

Here, read this article titled “Why Writers Are the Worst Procrastinators” and procrastinate a little more.

I am doing Sixty Meters to Anywhere book tour shows in Minneapolis, Madison, Chicago, and Des Moines over the next two weeks—schedule is here.

Opinion: I don’t know why this collection of photos of vintage control panels and control rooms is so oddly satisfying, but it is.

I don’t know who is behind this Instagram account but I like the style.

This video is not new but might make your day if you’ve never seen a polar bear playing with a dog.


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  1. says: Devon

    I LOVED every minute and message of that film – thanks for posting! I’m so excited to head out with my toddler this weekend for a wee section of the AT. (In full disclosure, when I take him “hiking”, it’s 90% collecting rocks and sticks at the trail head. I adore his simple pleasures. )

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