Friday Inspiration, Vol. 43

600 miles of running, from Missoula to Banff:
A great piece of Kyle Dempster’s writing from a climb that ended 150 meters from the summit.

How’s a 13,000-mile car-free bicycle route sound?

This is a great (long) piece of writing about one of the craziest helicopter parenting situations of all time.

Behold the strongest cup of coffee of all time, with 80 times the caffeine of an espresso shot.

“We bought a used Microbus that carried 2,000 pounds of food and gear to Alaska along with four of us. The total expedition cost for all seven of us was $2,850.”
—John Graham writing about his team’s 1963 climb of Denali’s 14,000-foot Wickersham Wall

See you Saturday at the DC Adventure Film Festival?


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  1. says: Lynn

    Hell yes I’ll be at the DC Adventure Film Festival! So annoyed that the viewing for “Being Here” is sold out, but I’m really excited about the other films too.

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