Friday Inspiration, Vol. 42

My girlfriend said this is every woman ever, and I said it was Christopher Walken in “Weapon of Choice” times 10. Either way, it’s memorable:

“I hereby proclaim myself the president of permission granting. And by all of the power vested in me, I grant everyone who reads this column the permission to do that thing. Whatever it is, you now have permission to do it.”
Carl Richards

Garmin’s going to continue making Gazetteers and that makes Garmin awesome.

9 Cartoons to Help You Avoid Any Actual Work
(I love Sarah Cooper)

“Finishing a thing is way more important than having something that’s perfect, but not finished.”
—Jake Parker in this video

Mike Birbiglia won’t tell you how to make it big, but he can tell you how to make it small. (No. 4: “Maybe quit.”)

I’m halfway through this scholarly thesis on assholes (the people, not the body part) and I have to say it’s way better than I thought (mostly because I just wanted to buy a book with the word “Assholes” in the title and had pretty low expectations).


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