Friday Inspiration, Vol. 40

This isn’t a new video, or a new song, but the energy is still amazing after almost three decades (and I swear a couple months ago it only had a couple thousand YouTube views?):

Kevin Fedarko, the Grand Canyon’s master storyteller, hikes the length of the Grand Canyon and tells you why it’s important.

“Artists think that everything has to be free-spirited, improvised, organic—all these corny words that equal ‘I’m lazy, I’m not gonna do shit.’ They gotta be quote-unquote inspired—fuck all that. Dude, write down what you’re gonna do and set a plan.”
-Blueprint, Super Duty Tough Work podcast

Hunter S. Thompson stole a set of elk antlers from Ernest Hemingway’s home in 1964. Last week, Thompson’s widow returned them.

Some interesting ideas about “maintainers” vs. “innovators.”

OK, I will stop using periods in my text messages then

Strong words (and feelings) about ketchup here. (my linking is not an endorsement of said words and feelings)



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5 replies on “Friday Inspiration, Vol. 40”
  1. says: Joe

    Classic Fugazi!!!! Highly suggest checking out their documentary “Instrument”. If there ever was a band that truly didn’t sell out, it was definitely them. Thanks for helping my Friday suck way less Brendan!

  2. says: Matt S.

    The intro to that song still randomly goes through my head at times after all these years. I first heard it as a friend’s answering machine message in middle-school. Classic.

  3. I listened to the podcast while working. Pretty good. Listeners could start around the 10 minute mark if they’re crunched for time. Long intro. Thanks for all the Inspiration this Friday. Fugazi! Hardest working band around! -WB

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