Friday Inspiration, Vol. 38

Give this some thought before you walk away from your next campfire:

Here is a collection of photos of politicians eating awkwardly in public.

The “Shazam for plants” app sounds like it could be pretty rad.

Hey, have you been waiting for someone to create a scrolling LED sign you can clip to your hat and create customizable messages on it via your smartphone? Wait no longer.

Amanda Rosenberg took all these headlines and replaced “Millennials” with “43-year-old white men.”

“When [Taco Bell] announced the release of the Triple Double Crunchwrap on Facebook, the most-liked comment was this: ‘I want this in my mouth. I want to wear it like a hat. I want to cry on its shoulder and tell it about my day. I want to go on long hikes with it.’”


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4 replies on “Friday Inspiration, Vol. 38”
  1. says: doug moore

    I don’t know when or where that Lion fire occurred, but watch that made my stomach churn.
    Living here in Southern California, it hurts to see this happening more often with more devastation. It’s like watching a murder being committed.

  2. says: Collette Wheeler

    Not particularly interesting this week. I live in CA where forest fires are a part of my life.

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