Friday Inspiration, Vol. 37

I would say you don’t even have to be interested in fishing to love this film:

Here’s a great case for getting more sleep.

Sean details The 15 Stages of Suffering in ultramarathons, including #7: “This is bullshit.”

Will Gadd on how he deals with fear.

A shitload of research reveals the #1 key to good teamwork is: being nice.

“This is our brave new world. When all information is freely available at the click of a mouse, our attention naturally nosedives in the sickest and most grotesque we can find. And the sickest and most grotesque similarly finds its way to the top of the nation’s consciousness, dominating our attention and the news cycle, dividing and recruiting us into its ever more polarized camps.”
—Mark Manson, Is It Just Me, Or Is The World Going Crazy?


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  1. says: J.C.

    Very cool video! You’re right, not a fisherman, but I definitely enjoyed it. Those first 30 seconds to a minute where the guy was describing the thrill of fishing – amazing. Despite him struggling to find the English words to describe, I couldn’t imagine a more elegant way of describing fishing. Great video.

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