Friday Inspiration, Vol. 35

Congratulations to Tyrone “Baybe Champ” Stevenson, who just opened Oakland’s only youth-run bike shop—after almost 10 years after founding the Original Scraper Bike Team.

(If you’ve never seen the original “Scrapertown” film, it’s here)

I wrote a new Dirtbag Diaries Short about ultrarunning, called The Suffer Vest.

This chart isn’t that new, but it organizes supplements by their effectiveness proven in scientific studies.

I’m speaking at the Denver REI on July 20th—info here.’s new Six Degrees of Music Separation can tell you the relationship between any two music artists. I tested it with Don McLean and E-40.

Excuse me while I nerd out out about Robert Dawson’s project to photograph more than 700 U.S. libraries.

“The American need for ice speaks to our obsession with refrigeration as an antidote to death, and to our heightened terror of perilous bacteria and spoiling food.”

“Unlike my former self, weekends aren’t wall-to-wall trips to any of the incredible climbing areas surrounding the Bay Area where I live. I have gym friends who go to Bishop every weekend. These days I’m the gym rat my former self hated, criticized, and considered a mere poser.”
—Andrew Tower, Grasping at Draws: Defining Climber


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