Friday Inspiration, Vol. 33

I’m just saying that award-winning filmmaker Jen Randall’s film based on Andy Kirkpatrick’s award-winning book will probably be pretty goddamn wonderful and you should probably throw a couple bucks at it (like I did last night at midnight). Donate here if you’d like, after you watch the trailer below.

Amazon says Sixty Meters to Anywhere is one of its “Best Books of the Year So Far.

If you haven’t seen this video of Phil Kmetz riding a $179 Wal-Mart mountain bike on a downhill trail, I predict you’ll be equal parts terrified for him and entertained.

Are you using the term “Kafkaesque” wrong?

If you live in Colorado’s Front Range and like to bag peaks, James Dziezynski has put together a hell of a tick list for you.

“Where once we thrived, we now eke out a meagre existence as unwashed prisoners in our own apartment. Jen and I can only hope that someday soon we may gain the favor of this diminutive tyrant, before he utterly destroys us.”
An Honest Birth Announcement


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