Friday Inspiration, Vol. 32

“I’ve had some cry when they realize that I’m just there to help them. I’ve had grown men cry.”

The side hustle offers something worth much more than money: A hedge against feeling stuck and dull and cheated by life. This psychological benefit is the real reason for the Millennial obsession, I’d argue, and why you might want to consider finding your own side hustle, no matter how old you are.”

Some research on “fake it till you make it,” or rather, “fake it till you become it.”

If you ride bikes, you might like OutsideIsFred’s new stickers.

Independence Day ages well not because it transcends its time, but instead because it is so deeply a relic of it. It’s a dumb movie that came along right before even dumb movies were expected to be smart.”
—Megan Garber, The Last of the Great Escapist Blockbusters

You’re in your sleeping bag. You have to pee. Should you get up or not?


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3 replies on “Friday Inspiration, Vol. 32”
  1. Thanks for the weekly inspiration. Comes in handy on duty.
    I know I’ve been wishy-washy about my social media presence, but as of late I’ve been enjoying my “side hustle” and I’m going “to fake it till I become it”. It’s been fun and that’s the whole point I finally figured out. The person I want to be would do it. Anyway…
    Keep inspiring! -WB

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