Friday Inspiration, Vol. 31

“2015 was probably our biggest year, and this year is without question on target for exceeding it.” —Robert Coverston, Chief Technician, National Audio Company (the last cassette tape factory in America)

Forty-five years ago this week, Bill Briggs made American ski mountaineering history by becoming the first person to ski the Grand Teton. This is the story of the iconic photograph of his tracks.

“I don’t mean to brag, but my high schooler fails at quite a few things. None of them too epic, but there’s still time. We talked about it recently. I told him it’s my job to let him fail while he’s still at home with me, because he needs to learn how to lose his shit and then pick it up and move forward. That’s like the most major of life skills?—?in my experience, anyway?—?and I’ll be damned if any kid of mine is going to fall to pieces his first semester in college because I’m not there to fix life for him.”
—Susan Speer, Stop Making Everything Perfect For Your Kid

“Step One: Stay the fuck away from bison.” How to survive Yellowstone in seven easy steps.

Maybe if you’re really nice, you’ll get a personal reply from a Google search someday, too.

Will Gadd is always good at cutting the bullshit when he writes. This one’s about fitness.

I suppose in a perfect world, we’d all act a little bit more like comfort dogs.


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        1. says: George May

          The numerals are from the end of BBC shows and denote the year the program was made. With that in mind I’d be impressed at 1918!

  1. By the way, you rock. Because of you I get some comic relief in my day that helps me laugh off the weight of social responsibility and somehow stay grounded as a human bean. Sincere gracias from Mexico.

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