Friday Inspiration, Vol. 27

Anson Fogel did a wonderful job with a complicated subject—this one premiered at the 5Point Adventure Film Festival a couple weeks ago, and is a great film to watch no matter what your opinion on BASE jumping or “extreme” sports:

I think everyone who reads this story is probably a little shocked, or very impressed, at how much work this guy put into trying to become a goat.

Camping too structured for you? Glamping too fancy and precious? Try “Cramping,” and let Paddy O’Connell tell you how to do it right.

This earpiece will apparently translate spoken language for you in real time.

An explanation of why you like to order a tall extra hot, sugar-free soy vanilla latte with extra foam and one extra pump of syrup, but in a venti-sized cup.

“We will take a corner too fast, and organic rutabagas will come jetting out of our messenger bags like missiles. They will fly through your driver’s side window, shatter the brand new laminated safety glass, hit you in the temple, damage your brain, and make you a vegan.”
—Kelly Catchpole, I Am A Cyclist. I Am Here To Fuck You Up.


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  1. says: J

    The “I am a cyclist” post is one of the best things I’ve read. Solid morning read to go with my shitty diner coffee.

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