Friday Inspiration, Vol. 14

Wow. Yay, Earth.

Renato Bialetti, the man who didn’t invent the Bialetti Moka pot but is probably the reason you’ve owned or used one of the 330 million sold worldwide in the past century, died at age 93 and had his ashes interred in a Moka pot-shaped urn.

“It’s my opinion that the world is a pretty cool place. I’ve been to a lot of spots on it and I’ve always been able to find people I really like there. They may have lots of different ideas about how things ought to be, though. Maybe some of that comes from the same place yours comes from – wanting things to be better. Maybe you just disagree on what that looks like. It doesn’t mean that they’re idiots. But, it would sure help matters (and, really, it’s the only thing we have complete control over) if we weren’t dicks.”
-Skip Bernet, “Don’t Be A Dick”

Probably the best-written, most insightful and thoughtful piece written on the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge occupation.

“Decent male humans, this is not your fault, but it also does not have nothing to do with you. If a woman is frosty or standoffish or doesn’t laugh at your joke, consider the notion that maybe she is not an uptight, humorless bitch, but rather has had experiences that are outside your realm of understanding, and have adversely colored her perception of the world.”

What’s better for your brain, strength training or distance running?

After four years, Justin is putting one of my favorite blogs “on ice” for a while.

“People who suffer after eating MSG may be experiencing the nocebo effect, the lesser-known and poorly understood cousin of the placebo effect. The phenomenon is what happens when suggesting that something can cause a negative reaction induces precisely those physical symptoms.”


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  • Wayne Norman

    The MSG article is more than a bit misleading. It implies MSG isn’t bad, but it then goes on to state “Of course, a small subset of people do have negative reactions that are directly due to glutamate, but the science to date shows that is likely to be a rare phenomenon. ” Of course they don’t quantify what constitutes ‘rare’. As one of those ‘rare’ people who get migraines from MSG, I can tell you it is not just in Chinese food.

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