Friday Inspiration, Vol. 13

South African filmmaker James Walsh’s fresh take on the showreel:

(If you like that, you might like Baisikeli, his film about the creation of the Kenyan National Cycling Team.)

The American Alpine Club produced this wonderful media gallery from the 1966 American Antarctic Mountaineering Expedition this week.

This 15-second video is called “Dad Throws Giant Snowball at Kid.”

“Inside a remote rusting warehouse in the Kazakhstan desert that once housed the Soviet space shuttle program, Russian urbex photographer Ralph Mirebs managed to gain access inside the hulking building to find not one but two spacecrafts, sleeping under layers of dust and twenty years worth of bird droppings.”

Washington Post headline: “Scientists have discovered what causes Resting Bitch Face”

This website only features products that have a lifetime guarantee.

Did you know watching your sports team win a game causes a surge in the testosterone in your body? But so does voting for a winning political candidate.


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  1. says: Justin G

    Holy shit, my wife and I just cry-laughed watching the snowball video. Thanks for a great start to our day.

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