Friday Inspiration, Vol. 8

This film about skiing off the summit of the Grand Teton is vintage awesome from 1978. I’m not sure which of the two falls is more terrifying:

“The Hangover Trail in Sedona, Arizona is hands-down the sketchiest trail I’ve ever ridden. Rarely do videos and photos do a trail’s technical, high-consequence nature justice, but this recent video from Nate Hills does just that.”

This is my new favorite comic on Instagram.

Kevin Hart and Ice Cube give driving lessons, and debate whether it’s better to keep a tray of pennies or D batteries to throw at drivers who cut you off.

You may be familiar with Chris’s writing from DrunkCyclist—his new website should be a fun new adventure.

It really is a battle. We’re being force-fed commercials for bullshit food, commercials that say, ‘Oh, if you have something wrong with you caused by the way you’re living your life, fuck making the changes—Just take this pill!’ But then you’re gonna need another pill, and then another, and the next thing you know you’re 30-something years old and you’re on eight different types of medication.”


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