The Top 10 Semi-Rad Posts From 2015

Well, I’ll be damned if it isn’t almost the end of another year of what I call “my mom’s favorite website” here at It’s been fun and thought-provoking for me, and I hope it occasionally has been funny and/or thought-provoking for you, too. If you’ve clicked the buttons to share any posts on this blog this year, thanks. Here are the most popular Semi-Rad posts from 2015, if you missed any, would like to re-experience them, or are stuck in an office today and just need some reading material that takes your mind away from the office. Thanks for reading!


1. Motivational Posters For Mountain Climbers

motivational posters
2. 10 Tips to Help You Lighten Your Backpack

lighten your backpack

3. Backpacking Is Sexy

backpacking is sexy

4. The 12 Types Of Bike Commuters

types of bike commuters

5. Anatomy Of A Sandbag

anatomy of a sandbag


1. The Dawn Wall And The Idea Of ‘Wasting Time’

dawn wall

2. 13 Pieces Of Gear Every All-Around Adventurer Should Have

13 pieces of gear

3. Go Camping For A Month This Summer (Without Quitting Your Job)

go camping for a month

4. The Power Of A Fear-Based Fitness Plan

fear based fitness plan

5. Dear Loveland Ski Area:

dear loveland ski area


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