Friday Inspiration, Vol. 5

Joey Schusler’s new film might make you want to go ride bikes immediately, or just go adventure somewhere beautiful.

“If you want to understand where we came from as a species, take a trek in the wilderness; if you want to understand what we are now, there are few places better than New York City.”—Justin Roth

Your phone is causing a posture phenomenon referred to as “iHunch.”

Chris used prepaid phone cards to call from Iraq while his wife was delivering their daughter in Idaho, then returned home to an 11-month-old daughter who didn’t know who he was.

A piece I wrote about our bike trip island-hopping in Norway this summer.

Starting on Dec. 21st, all drone operators will have to register as pilots with the Federal Aviation Administration.

If you don’t read Reductress and you like to laugh, you should read Reductress.


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