Friday Inspiration, Vol. 4

friday inspiration

Someday, Danny MacAskill will be in a mountain bike film and we will watch it and not go “HOLY SHIT!” That day is not today.

This is not new, but it’s my all-time favorite Zen Pencils cartoon, and I think will resonate with anyone who creates any sort of art.

I am a little more than halfway through this book and am floored by the writing, the vision, and the execution of this idea.

Well, when you put it that way, Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Luke Mehall, gentleman, scholar, founder of The Climbing Zine, ponders the past and future of the phenomenon of Creeksgiving.

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  1. says: Jack Mullen

    Hey Brendan, I love your writing and I’m a big fan of these friday inspirations you’ve been doing. I don’t know if you’ve seen this or not (its very likely you have) but it was something I just stumbled across recently and found interesting. It’s a series of gifs of really sad things like urbanization and deforestation and things like that which are pretty harsh but really interesting and absolutely worthwhile to take a look at.

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